What We Do
  1. Facebook
    Facebook is great resource to present your inventory to an audience that is already looking to buy a car. Using Facebook ads correctly correctly we can optimize your target audience.
  2. Instagram
    Instagram is an awesome platform to present your inventory, but also to run different offers in a very creative ways. Native advertising to according platform is key when it comes to Instagram.
  3. Youtube
    YouTube gives us a chance to show off a bit of your dealerships culture. Short ad's placed before videos to potential car buyers that are already looking for a vehicle, is a great opportunity for that.

​About Us

Dealer's alliance is a platforms that was developed specifically to help car dealerships around the country.  We wanted to help elimanate the biggest complaint a consumer has when buying a new car.  The haggling with the salesman.  People hate even the thought of dealing with one.  So we wanted to help change the perception by giving the consumer the power of shopping online on their own time for the car they want, without the 
haggling.  Not only does the consumer win, but so does the dealership.  Dealer's alliance uses proven statagies to optimize traffic to your inventory, and also promoting the dealership at the same time.  We use high attention platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Messenger, and Google, to reach the desired outcome.  Using funnels and email campaigns we convert leads into car buyers.
Latest Projects